Ryan : History of Sociological Thought

 Durkheim on Religion

  1. Rhetorical Structure
    1. Definition of religion
    2. Refutation of other theories
    3. Demonstration of the social nature of religion
  2. What are the Usual Questions about Religion?
    1. Do you believe?  Does God exist?  Why are people so deluded?
    2. These take as given the thing they need to explain
  3. Problem -- Why does ED care about religion?
    1. Elementary Forms as Continuous with Durkheim's Overall Project -- "the social" as real
    2. Persistence of the irrational
  4. Logic 1: refuting animism, naturism, etc.
  5. Logic 2: what do all religions have in common?
    1. The Sacred and the Profane
    2. Beliefs
    3. Rituals
  6. Where does sacred/profane come from? Society
  7. "Moral" Feelings and Group Membership
  8. The Creation of Social Energy
  9. Goffman's Interaction Rituals